Who is this Kuberan? Will worshiping Kubera make one rich? The Importance of Kuberan in Housing 2022

Kuberan is a name that often comes to mind when we see rich people. Who exactly is this Kuberan? Will worshiping Kubera make one rich? We have a lot of doubts. According to architecture, Kuberan is the god of the north. Kuberan, popularly known as ‘Triambakan’, is a wealthy man. He is also a God who loves man very much. There is even a belief that Kuberan travels on top of a human being. The fact that Kuberan’s jar, which always holds gold, gems and treasures in a jug in his left hand, will never be empty is a testament to the depth of wealth and wealth with Kuberan. Kubera Preethi will get Kubera approval if the North, which is dominated by Kubera in housing, is built without any shortcomings.

Architecture suggests that wealth will continue to flow into the house, which has undergone construction work that connects the north to the northeast. For those who live in north-facing homes, Kuberapreeti will bring about a financial boost. The householder will be good-natured, intelligent and far-sighted. These will be hard workers. There will be no trade barriers, no trade barriers, nothing. The barriers to financial growth will all be removed. If the north-east side is damaged during the construction phase, there will be financial loss, family problems and health problems.


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