Plus One student found hanging from home fan: Plus One student found hanging from home fan; Mystery 2022


Nedumangad: A student was found hanging from a home fan in Aruvikara, Thiruvananthapuram. Aryanad Govt. Remya (16), a high school plus one commerce student, committed suicide. Remya was found hanging from a fan in the hall of the house. Remya is the daughter of Biju and Latha who died at Aruvikkara Kuthirakulam Koolamankuzhi house.

The student had a special class at the school last Friday. Residents said the bus reached Kuthirakulam around 2.15 pm after class and saw Remya going home. But when Remya reached home, no one was at home.

The motive behind the death of the 16-year-old girl is yet to be ascertained. Remya is the second of Lata’s three children. The brothers are students Samya and Sivam. After the postmortem, Remya’s body was taken by her relatives and buried in the yard of the house.

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