‘I do not know.’; Welcome to Vishu… Vishukani with outstretched hand 2022


Ayyappa Panicker – Ayyappa Panicker – Ayyappa Panicker

Vishu is Kerala’s own agricultural festival. Harvest days of harvest in the fields and orchards. The golden view of the flowering kanikonna everywhere. Vishukani, outstretched hands, firecrackers, candles and incense are the mainstays of the festival. Celebrations are also held at the temples from Vishu to Medam 10. Vishu is celebrated with special ceremonies at the Thiruvalla Srivallabha Temple, Aranmula Temple and Parthasarathy Temple.

At the same time, Vishukani’s message is to start looking good. Freshly harvested jaggery, mango, cucumber, coconut, whole grains such as lentils, peas, peas, chickpeas, lentils, wheat, sesame, pearl barley, pearl barley, rice and rice in small bowls. Put the flower, axillary, washed cloth and gold in a plate and place in a large frying pan. It will have two chandeliers on the sides. Kanikanal is in the Brahmamuhurtha at Medappulari. The particle should be viewed from the east.

Similarly, a senior member of the family wakes up and puts the blindfold on the board in front of the trap. The eyes should be moistened first and then the lamp, then the Ashtamangalyam Krishna form and the grain. After the family sees the trap, they take the trap and show the cattle and the east and west sides of the house. Reaching out is just as important as poisoning. The elders reach out and bless the younger ones.



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